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Smoking Kills Bill

Smoking Kills Bill – a fun way to quit smoking! It costs less than a cigarette pack!

It is well known that one drop of nicotine kills a horse (and tears up a hamster to shreds).

The authors of the application have once estimated how many times in a month they smoke the number of cigarettes that could kill a horse!
Estimated. Got surprised. Got afraid... and quit smoking. We share with you our experience that is embodied in this application – please try to use this application for 1 month.
Please remember that it is you who smokes, and it is only the horse Bill who coughs so far, but the real victim of smoking is you! We want you to think of the risks! Preserve your health (and the health of the horse Bill at the same time).

Share with your friends the story of success!

Please estimate how much money do you waist on the harmful habit!
These are bad investments! Only funeral homes are happy of them!

How to start using the application after the first download

1. Please tap the button “Settings”;
2. Indicate nicotine content in a cigarette (it is normally indicated on a side of the pack);

3. Indicate the way of counting cigarettes smoked – in packs or in cigarettes. Chain-smokers can find it easier to count in packs. If you have reduced the number of cigarettes smoked, start to count in cigarettes rather than in packs;

4. Please indicate approximate cost of a pack;

5. The horse Bill will be coughing when the application is closed if you do not disable the notification;

6. Take competitions on quitting smoking with your friends – recommend them the application.

Very easy to use

After you have smoked a cigarette or a cigarette pack in reality, you should tap a button “Smoke” on a lighter or on a cigarette pack in the screen center.

The amount of nicotine consumed after smoking a cigarette is shown as three values:
1. Amount of nicotine consumed in a day
2. Amount of nicotine consumed in entire period of the use of the application
3. Graphic representation of filling of a nicotine drop in percent

Depending on the filling of a nicotine drop the health of the horse Bill is shown in the following way:

0% - 33% - Bill all good;
33% - 66% - Bill ill;
66% - 99% - Bill is very bad;
>= 99% - Nicotine killed Bill. (Nicotine killed Bill). his video starts automatically

You will be reminded on how much you smoke by Bill’s funeral portrait with a calendar on which a number of killed horses is shown.

It is always more cheerful with friends!

If you have noticed the first success, then tell your friends about it.

Good news
Your real friends are waiting for good news
Tell everybody about it! Write to us about it!

On a screen “Statistics”, the main parameters are shown:

What to do if you have not succeeded

Start again – reset all values and start again.